Cubase Studio 4

You're a composer, a producer, a musician primarily working by themself who doesn't need some of the top features found on Cubase 4? Then Cubase Studio 4 combines the essence of Cubase 4's powerful music creation tools (professional notation, studio-quality mixing and effects, Sound Frame and Media Bay), and wraps it up in a cutting edge but cost-effective package.

Cubase Studio 4 comes with a brand-new VST3 plug-in set, integrated virtual instruments providing more than 600 sounds, and professional notation features including score layout and printing.

Based on Cubase 4 core technology Cubase Studio 4 offers the same redesigned user interface that we feel is going to revolutionize people's expectation of DAW workflow and creativity, and is only lacking features you'll need if you are operating a recording environment requiring 5.1 sound, multi-person recording, and some of the additional VSTs and sounds that accompany them.

Two New Virtual Instruments with over 350 sounds
47 Plug ins including 25 New VST3 Plug-ins
Media Bay- Universal Media Integration including Sound Frame - Universal Sound Manager
Professional Notation and Score Printing with dedicated menus, symbol inspector and two new score fonts
The Full Extended Mixer from Cubase 4

Shkarko (Software)
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