SuperSpeed SuperCache v3.0.2.0

SuperSpeed SuperCache v3.0.2.0 | 2.5MB

SuperCache and SuperVolume are software devices that can greatly enhance disk performance. Hard drives tend to be among the slowest devices in a computer system. SuperCache and SuperVolume put hard disk data in RAM to dramatically accelerate programs and services that frequently or constantly access that disk data.

SuperCache is the product of choice when the size of the data requiring accelerated access is larger than available system memory. SuperCache leverages available memory to accelerate data of a very large sizes. It also supports the 'tuning' of its cache to extract peak performance from a particular application or server.

SuperVolume is the best choice when the size of the data to be accelerated is less than the available system memory. In this case, all disk data is stored in RAM, as well as on the disk, resulting in the fastest access times possible.

Both SuperCache and SuperVolume support write-through and write-deferred modes. In write-through mode, all write data is immediately saved to disk, effectively eliminating any additional risk of data loss due to a power failure or a system crash. In write-deferred mode, write data is immediately written to RAM, and at a later time written to disk. By deferring writes in this way, extremely high performance is possible for applications and services that modify large quantities of data.

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