Maya Unlimited 2008 Extension 2

Enhanced Polygon Modeling Workflow
Maya 2008 Extension 2 gives you dramatically enhanced creative control over your polygon modeling workflow. In this video you’ll learn how to take advantage of key new selection management features—including pre-selection highlighting, soft selection for TRS, quick loop select, and multi-component selection mode. You’ll also see the new poly count options window demonstrated along with Tweak mode and the improvements to the symmetrical modeling workflow via the Preserve Seam functionality.

Precision UV Editing
New and enhanced UV workflow tools in Maya 2008 Extension 2 give you more control over your texturing—enabling you to achieve results faster. Key new functionality you’ll see demonstrated in this movie includes UV discrete rotate and scale as well as the improved snapping workflow for TRS operations. Finally, you’ll learn the latest UV layout techniques; specifically, how to layout UVs within a specific region of the texture editor and how to use Prescale to scale the area of the UV shell proportional to either the surface area of the selected objects or the world, prior to laying out the UVs.

Maya Muscle Enhancements: Wrinkle
Powerful Maya Muscle weight-painting functionality lets you create highly precise skin wrinkling. This movie demonstrates how to use the Relative Sticky mode, the relax deformer and wrinkle maps to achieve advanced wrinkle effects.

Maya Muscle Enhancements: Self-Collision Workflow
Maya Extension 2 builds on the comprehensive Maya Muscle system released in Maya 2008 Extension 1. New toolsets, such as Smart Collision, extend your ability to precisely direct muscle and skin behavior. In this video you’ll see how multiple collision types, including Smart Collisions, can be layered on top of existing deformers to create convincing skin articulation and animation.

Maya Muscle Enhancements: Creator
Maya Extension 2 builds on the comprehensive Maya Muscle system released in Maya 2008 Extension 1. This video shows you how to take advantage of the new Muscle Creator UI to build a new, more powerful parametric-style NURBs shape with advanced deformation/posing capabilities.

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