Google Magic Formula

Google Magic Formula | 8.79MB

Introducing The Google Magic Formula…
That Google Definitely Wishes You Didn’t Have

After wandering around in the dark with no clue why
PPC was only taking money from me instead of giving
me some, I finally unscrambled the code.

Google Magic Formula tells you exactly what I figured out, so you don’t have to go through the pain I did (and if you’ve already experienced some
pain, you can stop!)

Google won’t be able to fight you, and you can stop sending them the lion’s share of what you make from
your ads. It’s time for the $100+ profit a day that you thought was a myth…

* You’ll get advanced strategies that are good for 2008, not the tired old stuff
that doesn’t work for PPC anymore.
* I’ll give you the insider secrets that let you manipulate Google’s own
formula to obliterate your competition.
* Finally you’ll know how to leverage Google’s traffic to transform yourself
into a Super Affiliate… and watch the big bucks roll in.

Google Magic Formula will give you an unfair competitive advantage… and there’s
nothing anybody can do to stop your profit juggernaut.

PPC can be a gold mine, and Google’s AdWords program is one of best known PPC
engines there is. But it’s time you woke up to the truth nobody seems to tell you when you’re just getting started…

Shkarko (Download)
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