Microeconomics using Excel

Microeconomics using Excel: Integrating economic theory, policy analysis and spreadsheet modelling
Using Microsoft Excel, the market leading spreadsheet package, this book combines theory with modelling aspects and spreadsheet analysis. Microeconomics Using Excel provides students with the tools with which to better understand microeconomic analysis.

A new textbook, it focuses on solving microeconomic problems by integrating economic theory, policy analysis and spreadsheet modelling. This unique approach facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of the link between theory and problem solving.

It is divided into four core parts:

* analysis of price policies
* analysis of structural policies
* multi-market models
* budget policy and priority settings.

The theory behind each problem is explained and each model is solved using excel. Each model is also available on the accompanying CD and can be used as a prototype for analysis and specific needs.

Microeconomics using Excel will be of great interest to students studying economics as well as to professionals in economic and policy analysis.

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